Announcing the new Mimi Betinis single: DANGEROUS PEOPLE

DANGEROUS PEOPLE is a brand-new reimagining of the Pezband demo from 1979 (which can be heard on the Dangerous People album).

From Mimi:

“Mick Rain and I wrote Dangerous People in 1979. We were inspired by early Fleetwood Mac, especially Peter Green’s Black Magic Woman. It was one of those songs that were put together in an afternoon and recorded the same day just as a demo—played super-fast (which was in the Pezband tradition of playing everything at breakneck speed). Pezband never played it out live. I got an idea to rearrange it from a fast rocker into a slower thud-like dinosaur stomp and add some atmosphere to the spooky storyline. What this new arrangement does is give the parts of the song some breathing room while driving a stake into the backbone of the rhythm track. Some synth, stops and special audio effects help to convey the story of these two weird people out for blood and money. And as it turned out, Mike Gorman played bass on the original track and this remake.”

Produced by John Pavletic

Bass: Mike Gorman